With years of experience in the industry, based in Edinburgh, North PC is able to build some of the best performing machines on the market.

We stock a huge range of high quality and best performing hardware, our team of experts are on hand to craft a PC that not only is reliable but also performs spot on, time after time.

Here at North PC, We understand that there isn't a "one size fits all" when it comes to solutions - which is why we offer an extensive choice to our PCs.

Whether you're after for something small and discrete to just pick up a gamepad and play now and then, or you're a hardcore enthusiast who dedicates every spare moment to pwning n00bs - who needs a fully water-cooled monster we've got the PC of your dreams.

Not only can you get your dream machine from us, we also offer a wide range of hardware for future upgrades, peripherals, monitors, and more - including modding equipment and water-cooling - for those looking to gain performance and push their rig harder. We also offer a vast range of peripherals and more to compliment your command centre.

Our range of PCs is created with performance and value in mind, with flexible options to configure how you want your PC. So if you need more storage, a more powerful graphics card, or maybe just a different case and some LED lighting - the choice is yours!
There are all types of gamers out there, all wanting to game their own specific way. You don't want to settle, and we won't make you!
At North Pc, you'll be able to find next perfect gaming PC - along with everything else you'll need for cables to monitors to peripherals to gaming chairs. With such a wide variety, you can game exactly how you like it.
If you're after a custom PC, a system that's built the way you want it, a rig that's more you, then it's way more easy than you might think! Our team of experts will help and advise you on from a multitude of options - from hardware to cases, and even accessories - to make sure you get the system you want.